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Gerald C. Miller Trophy

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ICSA Women’s Dinghy Championship

In 1961, the New England Women's Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEWISA) was formed when New England no longer permitted women to sail in varsity regattas. Eventually NEWISA, and her sister organization, the Middle Atlantic Association of Women Sailors (MAAWS), organized the first women's nationals in 1967. Policies and procedures for the event were set at the ICYRA annual meeting in 1970, and in 1978 the results of the Women's Nationals were first included in the scoring for the Leonard Fowle Trophy.

Gerald Miller was the coach at Boston University in the late 1960's and was one of the originators of the first women's nationals. 

The Miller trophy is given to the first place team in women's nationals. 

1967 Wilson College
1968 Radcliffe College
1969 Radcliffe College
1970 Radcliffe College
1971 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1972 Radcliffe College
1973 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1974 Princeton University
1975 Princeton University
1976 Princeton University
1977 Princeton University
1978 University of California, Berkeley
1979 U.S. Naval Academy
1980 U.S. Naval Academy
1981 U.S. Naval Academy
1982 Old Dominion University
1983 U.S. Naval Academy
1984 Tufts University
1985 Brown University
1986 Tufts University
1987 Old Dominion University
1988 Brown University
1989 Brown University
1990 Tufts University
1991 U.S. Naval Academy
1992 Dartmouth College
1993 Tufts University
1994 Tufts University
1995 St. Mary
1996 Tufts University
1997 U.S. Naval Academy
1998 Brown University
1999 Tufts University
2000 Dartmouth College
2001 University of Hawaii
2002 Old Dominion University
2003 Tufts University
2004 Yale University
2005 University of Hawaii
2006 Yale University
2007 St. Mary
2008 Boston College
2009 Yale University
2010 College of Charleston
2011 University of Rhode Island
2012 Boston College
2013 Dartmouth College
2014 Dartmouth College
2015 Yale University