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Everett Morris Memorial Trophy

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ICSA Sailor of the Year

The. U.S. Naval Academy and the executive committee of the Inter­collegiate Sailing Association annually present this trophy to the "Best Intercollegiate Sailor". Captain Everett B. Morris was a world renowned yachting journalist and editor and a member of the Naval Academy's FALES Committee.

2015 Nevin Snow Georgetown University
2014 Graham Landy Yale University
2013 Juan Maegli College of Charleston
2012 Chris Barnard Georgetown University
2011 Charles Buckingham Georgetown University
2010 Thomas Barrows Yale University
2009 Charles Buckingham Georgetown University
2008 Chris Behm Georgetown University
2007 Trevor Moore Hobart & William Smith Colleges
2006 Andrew Campbell Georgetown University
2005 Mikee Anderson University of Southern California
2004 Cardwell Potts Harvard University
2003 Clay Bischoff Harvard University
2002 Sean Doyle Harvard University
2001 Tyler Pruett Boston College
2000 Dalton Bergan University of Southern California
1999 Mark Ivey St. Mary's College of Maryland
1998 William A. Hardesty U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1997 Tim Wadlow Boston University
1996 Senet Bischoff Tufts University
1995 Ryan Cox U.S. Naval Academy
1994 Tyler W. Moore College of Charleston
1993 Bradley M. Rodi U.S. Naval Academy
1992 Bradley M. Rodi U.S. Naval Academy
1991 Willis A. Lovell College of Charleston
1990 Terry Hutchinson Old Dominion University
1989 Terry Hutchinson Old Dominion University
1988 Chris Larson College of Charleston
1987 Robert E. Hallawell U.S. Naval Academy
1986 Bradford S. Read Boston University
1985 John M. Renehen U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1984 Morgan Reeser U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1983 Morgan Reeser U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1982 Ken Read Boston University
1981 Paul Dickey Tufts University
1980 R. Stuart Johnstone Tufts University
1979 Alexander Smigelski U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1978 Steve Benjamin Yale University
1977 Carl Buchan University of Washington
1976 Peter F. Isler Yale University
1975 Roger Altreuter Tufts University
1974 Augie Diaz Tulane University
1973 Gary Jobson New York Maritime Academy
1972 Gary Jobson New York Maritime Academy
1971 Johnathon Wright U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1970 Richard T. Doyle University of Notre Dame
1969 Tim P. Hogan University of Southern California
1968 Scott H. Allan University of Southern California